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Discovery of our breeding

Between Durance and Luberon our breeding is inside the Natural Regional Parc of Luberon where our Jack Russell Terrier live freely.

Everything started, some years ago when a Jack, coming from nowhere, arrived in front of our door and wanted to adopt our family. We accepted! At this time we were completely unknown on Jack Russell and a passion for this breed began then.

Along the time we learned to know the breed, its origins, the use of this dog, his education, his standard, the different lineages, pedigrees ... ...

From one Jack, they became two, then three ... .... And thus was born the desire to create our breeding to bring our contribution to the development and especially the improvement of this wonderful breed of dogs.

A year of work was needed for our project to become reality. Our dogs are fully integraled in our daily lives and in our family. We adapted a part of our house in order for our kennel to only have the name of kennel and for our dogs to continue to be part of our house.

You will find dog full of life, free to run all day, which on rainy days remain inside the house and on sunny days rest on the terrace.

To build our breeding we have selected our dogs as well for their pedigree and character then for their offspring. It is the reason why we have some dogs from the same lineage.

England is the country of the Jack Russell Terrier origins and Australia the country of  their development. So it was obvious for us to give to our breeding an English-sounding name.

The idea of combining the Luberon to the origins of the Jack Russell Terrier came to us and our breeding kennel was obviously: "Of Malan's Rock" that is the name of a known specific site in our town LAURIS.